Feature Type Service

With our Feature Type Service, you can retrieve the polygons that refers to detections based on our imagery, so you can use them in your own mapping application (GIS). The Feature Type Service is available as a Web Feature Service (WFS).


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Before you can start using the Recording Locations Service, you need to have credentials. If you do not have them yet, please use this form to request access.

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Everything you need to know about the use of our Recording Locations Service can be found below in the Service Documentation.

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View our examples

To help you getting started, we have created a set of code examples for you. You can use them as a basis for your own service requests.

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Service Documentation

Filter capabilities

The Feature Type Service offers filter capabilities that follow the OGC Filter Encoding Implementation Specification.

Geometry operators:

  • gml:Point

  • gml:Envelope

Spatial operators:

  • BBOX

  • DWithin

Comparison operators: (not implemented yet)

  • EqualTo and NotEqualTo

  • LessThan and GreaterThan

  • LessThanEqualTo and GreaterThanEqualTo

  • NullCheck

  • Between

Using the Feature Type Service

The Feature Type Service is a Web Feature Service (WFS) which can be accessed through this URL:


This WFS supports the following operations:

  • GetCapabilities

  • DescribeFeatureType

  • GetFeature

Both HTTP GET request and HTTP POST requests are supported.


The output of a request can be given as Geography Markup Language (GML) version 3.1.1 or as GeoJSON. Default output is GML, but this can be changed using the ‘outputformat’ parameter. The application schemas can be retrieved by the URLs below.

Application schemas

GML application schema

To view the GML application schema, use this URL:


GeoJSON application schema

To view the GeoJSON application schema, use this URL:


Feature types and properties

Feature 'SurfaceType'

A feature of the type 'SurfaceType' the following properties:


Readable identification of the starting image from DCR imagery. Type: string.


Readable identification of the stop image from DCR imagery. Type: string.


Method used to get final geometry. Returns one of these possible values: [ST_Automatic, ST_Manual, ST_Raw]. Type: string.


Informs the detected type of surface. Type: string.


Polygon area. Type: float.


Percentage of polygon predicted with Asphalt. Type: integer.


Percentage of polygon predicted with Clinkers. Type: integer.


Percentage of polygon predicted with Concrete. Type: integer.


Percentage of polygon predicted with Mosaic. Type: integer.


Percentage of polygon predicted with Tile. Type: integer.


Percentage of polygon predicted with Unpaved. Type: integer.


Percentage of polygon predicted with Unknown. Type: integer.


Basic function of polygon (not in use yet, always null). Type: string.


Basic status of polygon. Type: string.


Basic physical representation. Type: string.


Plus function of polygon. Type: string.


Plus status of polygon. Type: string.


Plus physical representation. Type: string.


Date of registration of polygon. Type: dateTime.


Date of termination of polygon. Type: dateTime.


Date of termination of polygon. Type: dateTime.


Represents a type definition designed to encapsulate the properties of polygonal geometries in a specified spatial reference system (SRS). The longitude and latitude coordinates are in degrees or in meters (depending on the SRS), the height is in meters. Type: gml:polygonPropertyType.


Date when the feature type was created. Type: dateTime.


Indicates whether the user is authorized to view this feature type. Type: boolean.

Exception reporting

When the WFS feature type service encounters an error while processing a request or when it receives an unrecognized request, this will be returned as an exception report in the response. The format of the XML response is described in OWS Common Implementation Specification:

<ows:ExceptionReport version="1.1.0" 
<ows:Exception exceptionCode="{the exception code}">
{the error message}

For GeoJSON, the response will be:

"exception": {
"code": null,
"locator": null,
"text": "<the error message>"

Code examples

Note: you can use Postman to test our web services and try out the code examples below.

Return the feature types service

Get feature types from Feature Type Service


With a response in XmlGml format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<wfs:FeatureCollection xmlns:gml="http://www.opengis.net/gml" xmlns:atlas="http://www.cyclomedia.com/atlas" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:ows="http://www.opengis.net/ows" numberOfFeatures="1" timeStamp="2024-03-19T23:15:19.4073932+00:00" xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.cyclomedia.com/atlas https://atlasapi.cyclomedia.com/featureserver/wfs?SERVICE=WFS&amp;VERSION=1.1.0&amp;REQUEST=DescribeFeatureType&amp;TypeName=atlas:surfacetype " xmlns:wfs="http://www.opengis.net/wfs">
<atlas:SurfaceType gml:id="surfaceTypeId_35656113-e1a6-4e3e-98f3-ad764402955c">
<atlas:b_fysiekvoorkomen>gesloten verharding</atlas:b_fysiekvoorkomen>
<atlas:tijdstipRegistratie>2/15/2021 12:00:00 AM</atlas:tijdstipRegistratie>
<gml:LinearRing srsName="urn:x-ogc:def:crs:EPSG:28992">
<gml:posList srsDimension="3">113062.228 520676.005 -0.23 113042.309 520679.595 -0.168 113042.068 520679.648 -0.162 113040.223 520679.974 -0.157 113036.599 520680.615 -0.181 113031.095 520681.354 -0.117 113025.565 520681.864 0.038 113021.274 520682.13 0.08 113016.67 520682.355 0.087 113009.03 520682.555 0.122 113004.474 520682.618 0.182 112999.919 520682.553 0.237 112996.227 520682.406 0.237 112992.539 520682.175 0.26 112984.817 520681.571 0.275 112977.109 520680.81 0.343 112971.373 520680.362 0.371 112965.87 520680.059 0.478 112962.389 520679.898 0.443 112961.365 520679.865 0.138 112961.224 520678.255 -0.05 112971.48 520678.765 0.416 112977.27 520679.218 0.375 112985.19 520679.929 0.316 112992.652 520680.579 0.262 112999.964 520680.954 0.247 113004.475 520681.018 0.201 113015.1 520680.8 0.084 113025.297 520680.278 0.048 113032.454 520679.483 -0.101 113039.034 520678.588 -0.153 113042.234 520677.983 -0.175 113061.944 520674.43 -0.229 113080.535 520671.389 -0.221 113095.755 520669.671 -0.211 113123.931 520667.199 -0.194 113124.07 520668.794 -0.181 113117.581 520669.365 -0.184 113098.141 520671.061 -0.231 113095.916 520671.263 -0.188 113088.319 520672.078 -0.169 113080.738 520672.976 -0.285 113076.657 520673.566 -0.149 113072.588 520674.246 -0.237 113062.228 520676.005 -0.23</gml:posList>