Aerial Rendering API

Our Aerial Rendering API is a REST service that you can use to create cut-outs of aerial imagery. Based on an address or coordinates you can render JPG files that can be used for a variety of documents and publications, including websites.

Note: the Aerial Rendering API is currently only available for the Netherlands.


Obtain an API key

Before you can start using the Aerial Rendering API, you need to have an API Key. If you do not have one yet, please use this form to request access.

Request your API key

Read the documentation

Everything you need to know about the Aerial Rendering API (formerly known as WMS Rendering Service) can be found in the API Documentation.

Read the API documentation

View our examples

To help you getting started, we have created a set of code examples for you. You can use them as a basis for your own REST requests.

Explore the code examples

API Documentation

Overview of parameters


The WMS layer that delivers the rendered images, e.g. 'NL_aerial_2019_10cm'. The format for the layers is as follows (where YYYY is the year):

For 2008 to 2011, 2013 to 2017, and 2019 to 2021: 'NL_aerial_YYYY_10cm'.

For 2022 onwards the format is 'NL_aerial_YYYY_6cm'.


The EPSG code of the spatial reference system used for the coordinates. Do not use prefixes, only the EPSG code itself. Only used for RenderByLocation2D.

x or lon

The X coordinate in meters for a projected coordinate system, or the longitude in degrees for a geographic coordinate system. Only used for RenderByLocation2D.

y or lat

The Y coordinate in meters for a projected coordinate system, or the latitude in degrees for a geographic coordinate system. Only used for RenderByLocation2D.


Abbreviation of the country (2 characters, 'NL' in this case). Only used for RenderByAddress.


The address for which the image will be retrieved and centered. Only used for RenderByAddress.


The width of the generated image in pixels. Default is 1024 pixels, maximum is 2048 pixels.


The height of the generated image in pixels. Default is 768 pixels, maximum is 2048 pixels.


Automatically scales to the resolution of the image layer. Default is 1.0 or 'auto' if this parameter is omitted.


Absolute resolution in meters per pixel. Overrides 'scale' parameter.


Your API key. If you do not have an API Key already, you can request one through our Service Desk.

Operations and response

The Aerial Rendering API is a HTTP REST service, which is currently available for the Netherlands only. The following operations are possible:

  • RenderByLocation2D, renders an image based on a location specified as 2D coordinates. The image is centered on these coordinates.
  • RenderByAddress, renders an image based on the specified address, centered to that address.

With the exception of your API Key, optional parameters after the question mark '?' (such as the width and height of an image) may be omitted. See for a complete list of options the overview of parameters on the right.

The response of both methods is a JPG image.

Error message format

In case of an input or processing error, an XML error message is returned with the following header and response format.


Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8


<Fault xmlns:i="">
<detail>The specified address was not found by ...</detail>

HTTP response codes

The normal behavior of REST services is to return default HTTP status codes that correspond to the situation. It is however possible to override this behavior to enable some integrations that are otherwise not possible or more difficult to create.

When 'ReturnHttpErrors=0' is defined, the service itself will always return a 200 response code. The original designated HTTP response code will remain reflected in the <faultcode> field of the XML error message.

Code examples

Render by 2D location

Render an image based on a set of coordinates in 2D.

Format and example request based on 2D coordinates:{layer}/{srs}/{x}/{y}/?

Render by address

Example of image rendering based on an address in the Netherlands.

You can use part of an address (city or city and street), a full address, or a postal code. The postal code can be supplemented with a street number as well, as shown in the second example.

Use %20 to indicate a space.

Format and example request based on an address:{layer}/{country}/

Postal code (without street number):

Postal code (supplemented with street number):

Part of an address (city scale in this example):

Full address with several spaces ("5 Mei Plein 1, Wageningen"):,Wageningen/?width=1024&height=786&apiKey=YourKeyGoesHere