Existing integrations

With the Street Smart API you can integrate Cyclomedia's data and Street Smart functionality with other applications.

Here you can find a selection of integrations between Street Smart and a variety of GIS and CAD software suites.

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QGIS | ArcGIS | MicroStation | Smallworld | AutoCAD | GeoWeb | NedBrowser | dg DIALOG BGT | INGRADA

Street Smart for QGIS

Street Smart for QGIS is an integration (plug-in) of Cyclomedia's Cycloramas with QGIS. This plug-in allows you to show measurements and recording locations in QGIS, and display vector layers from QGIS as overlays in Cycloramas. The plug-in is developed by Merkator B.V. and is available under the GPL version 2 license. The underlying Street Smart API is not open source and is not covered by that license. You can find the user manual here.

Note: version 1.4.0 will be supported until 1 February 2025, version 2.0.0 until 1 October 2025.

Download Street Smart for QGIS

Street Smart for ArcGIS (Esri)

Cyclomedia's data can be easily integrated into Esri's ArcGIS platform. A widget is available for ArcGIS Online, and add-ins are available for ArcGIS Pro (2.X & 3.X) and ArcMap.

Note: the Esri widget version 21.4.1 will be supported until 1 February 2025, version 23.1.0 until 1 February 2026. The ArcGIS Pro integration version will be supported until 1 December 2025, version until 1 July 2026.

Read more about Street Smart for ArcGIS

Optimize for MicroStation (Bentley)

With Optimize, you can unlock Cycloramas and oblique aerial photos within the MicroStation platform through a connector tool between CAD and Cyclomedia's Street Smart. With this integration, you can measure distances and areas, and import point, line and plane elements directly into your working drawing. Ideal for inventories. A factsheet is available for more information.

Discover more about the integration with MicroStation (in Dutch)

Street Smart for Smallworld (GE Digital)

GE Digital's Smallworld network-based GIS provides utilities with a single and connected view of their power grid. An integration has been developed between Street Smart and Smallworld by GIS Consult GmbH.

Read more about Street Smart for Smallworld (in German)

Street Smart for AutoCAD (Autodesk)

Street Smart for AutoCAD is an interactive viewer for viewing Cycloramas and provides the ability to measure distances, digitize objects and visualize data layers in the 360° images. The interactive viewer plugin provides access to a digital version of the environment with an extensive set of functionalities for data processing.

Read more about Street Smart for AutoCAD

Street Smart for GeoWeb

GeoWeb is a web viewer that allows you to easily offer large amounts of geographical and administrative data within your organisation.

Discover more about Street Smart for GeoWeb (in Dutch)

NedBrowser (Cadac Group)

With the integration between Street Smart and NedBrowser, you can view all available imagery (Cycloramas, aerial, and oblique) in NedBrowser and also perform measurements.

More information about this integration with NedBrowser (in Dutch)

dg DIALOG BGT (Sweco)

dg DIALOG BGT is a complete application for the collection, construction and management of the topographic base map in the Netherlands.

Discover more about this integration with dg DIALOG BGT (in Dutch)


With the integration between Street Smart and INGRADA, you can easily view Cycloramas in the INGRADA web application. There is a factsheet available for more information (in German).